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Post » Fri Dec 13, 2019 10:31 am

Bittah Duel Tourney

Gauging interest in duel tourney run over a week in January . Pools will be played throughout the weeknights (subject to players availability) with the finals being on the weekend.

Tourney will be in double elimination format with specific details to be worked out when we know how much interest there is. Possibility of some prizes. Put your name down in this thread or hit me/hobb up on discord, if any NA/EU guys are keen we will try to group you guys up so you can play those duels in a local region but otherwise duels will be held on servers
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Post » Fri Dec 13, 2019 6:14 pm

Re: Bittah Duel Tourney

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Post » Fri Dec 13, 2019 6:21 pm

Re: Bittah Duel Tourney

I'll sponsor a minor prize, like 7th place.
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Post » Fri Dec 13, 2019 6:33 pm

Re: Bittah Duel Tourney

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