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Post » Tue Mar 05, 2013 5:13 pm

New version of freedom physics

Hey Guys,

Posting this here in case some of you are interested in taking part.

To help test the new version of the freedom physic preset APC has given us a server with the new preset loaded onto it – are at the bottom of this post. Now this does come with one slight catch, the new version of the preset will only be enabled until the server changes map and at which point it will revert to the standard freedom physics. So in order to get as much testing and feedback we have done the following to the server:

Increased cap out to the maximum.
Increased the time limit to 60 minutes.
Increased the overtime to 60 minutes.
Map forced to Katabatic.

The following rules will be put into place:

Cappers are NOT allowed to actually cap the flag, if for some reason a flag is capped the opposing team has to be allowed to even the score, this is to ensure that we force overtime and get another 60 minutes of test time. Cappers feel free to run routes just throw the flag before you reach your stand.

The server is currently locked and I will hand out the password tonight on the TANZ mumble at 8:30pm Sydney Time. In the mean time I am open to suggestions as to how to best utilise the 2 hour test window we have to work with.

Do we form pug teams and run two 30 minute cap less (hopefully) pugs then have two actual teams scrim on it for 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of “free play”? Let me know what you guys want and the idea most liked be everyone will be used.

Also I know this isn’t ideal but it is the best that we have got for now, if this is successful we potentially can do the same thing again tomorrow night on a different map and the next night a different map again.

One thing has been made perfectly clear at this point and that is we can get a change to the freedom physic preset done potentially before the next official patch but after that point chances are we won’t be able to get it changed again so if you want to see changes to the preset now is the time to speak up and make yourself available over the next couple of days to test it and give your feedback in this thread:

Changes to Freedom:

Code: Select all

----Physics Report at time: 300.1451---- Phys: MaxSpeedDecelRate:'1.3260' Phys: AirControl:'0.9860' Phys: JumpZ:'1.2100' Phys: GroundSpeed:'1.2100' Phys: ImpulseMassLight:'0.8700' Phys: ImpulseMassMedium:'1.0300' Phys: ImpulseMassHeavy:'0.9800' Phys: Gravity:'1.0720' Phys: SkiPeakControlSpeed:'0.0000' Phys: SkiControlWidth:'15.3700' Phys: SkiMaxControl:'1.4100' Phys: SkiSlopeGravity:'1.2100' Phys: SkiMaxSpeed:'1.1400' Phys: SkiTerminalSpeed:'1.1600' Phys: SkiFallVelocityTransfer:'1.0000' Phys: JetMaxSpeed:'1.1320' Phys: JetTerminalSpeed:'1.7300' Phys: JetAirSpeed:'1.3230' Phys: JetBoostMax:'1.4800' Phys: JetForwardAccelPercent:'1.2100' Phys: JetMaxThrustSpeed:'1.3700' Phys: JetAccelRateAtMaxThrustSpeed:'1.9400' Phys: JetBaseAcceleration:'1.9630' Phys: SplatLandMinDamage:'1.2100' Phys: SplatLandMaxDamage:'3.3100' Phys: SplatWallMinDamage:'1.1700' Phys: SplatWallMaxDamage:'3.4200' Phys: SplatMinSpeed:'1.2600' Phys: SplatMaxSpeed:'1.3700' Phys: JetpackEnergyCost:'1.1270' Phys: FlagThrowSpeed:'1.0700' Phys: FlagInheritSpeed:'1.0900' Phys: FlagBounceDamping:'1.0000' Phys: FlagFallingMomentumDamping:'1.0000' Phys: FlagDamageMass:'1.0000' Phys: FlagFriction:'1.0000' Phys: FlagNumBouncesBeforeSlide:'1.0000' Phys: RockBounceFullSpeedThreshold:'1.6800' Phys: RockBounceGraceAngle:'1.0000' Phys: RockBounceFalloffAngle:'1.8400'
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