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Post » Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:16 pm

forest whitaker was all round wtf. like he wanted to be shakespeare's vadar but wasn't sure.
How's his voice when the pilot has the bag over his head and he approaches, some high pitched line saying god knows what. I found his character just utterly bizarre.
Yeah I wasn't a fan of his character either... just strange and unnecessary. He was chewing the scenery with every line.
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bittah, jaded, anti social freak
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Post » Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:51 am

Whitaker definitely likes to mix up his accents. It feels like he was supposed to have more screen time with how much presence he had on camera. But it came off as unearned.

Like when he sees his life work being undone at the press of a button -- all that he fought for, lost to tsunami of crust and mantle -- the camera lingers on him and we watch him pull out his air hose. With all he's worked for destroyed, he has nothing left to live for. The gesture of pulling out his air hose retroactively characterises him (he's only been staying alive ("Not much of me left") to fight the Empire on Jedha), but... it's not very impacting for us. As I type it, it seems great in theory. As I watched it, I was pretty unaffected.

Someone else lives like Saw, and the parallels to Anakin / Vader make Saw interesting in theory. He's on life support, has robot limbs, and is the mirror on the other side. Saw lives in a rock castle on a dead desert planet, and Vader lives in a lava castle on a dead lava planet. Saw has done horrible things that he regrets, and so has Vader. Saw is considered extremist to the rebellion, and Vader is considered a hokey religious nut to the Empire (ANH).

I felt Saw was wasted, and even his emotional moment with Jyn largely fell flat because it was all so obvious and expository. We hadn't been shown anything of their relationship. Jyn didn't want to be abandoned by the man who rescued her, Saw didn't want Jyn to accidentally catch an extremist knife in the back for her father's work. Big surprises there.
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