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Post » Mon Apr 02, 2018 2:31 pm

April Q&A session with BugsPray

13:56 How hard would it be to make LCTF versions of maps like Reservoir
16:20 Where is the female voicepack?
18:16 How do you feel the game has changed in the last six months and what has been the most challenging aspect of those changes
23:32 Are you folks going for releasing the game before implementing the backer rewards (Easter eggs, sprays, etc)
24:52 Do we have any new marketing plans?
30:42 Is the fighter movement finalised?
31:33 How do you want to grow the community [during] early access?
32:57 In terms of budget, have you guys gone through the kickstarter funds yet?
35:20 How big is the development team right now?
36:34 Was there any progress on 30 vs 60 tick servers?
39:34 Between now and release, what are your primary goals?
41:28 Is open beta scrapped? Are we just going straight to release?
42:55 Other than playing the game how can we as a community help the game have the best release possible?
48:04 Is the recent popularity of high population (per server) games like PUBG/Fortnite effecting Midair?
50:29 Will we see 64v64 servers?
52:43 Will we see a major overhaul of the progression system?
58:08 Will there be user generated maps?
1:00:01 Will there be steam achievements?
1:00:35 What's your vision for the game? Where do you see Midair in a years time?
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