!~ Dev Log #21 – Build 0.32.0 Highlights

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Post » Tue May 01, 2018 11:26 am

Dev Log #21 – Build 0.32.0 Highlights

As usual, we have a TON of fresh changes to discuss and plenty of animated GIFs showing them off. The 0.32.0 update is LIVE as soon as you see this blog.

New Skins, Jet Trails, Voice Packs, and Sprays!

We’ve spent a lot of time adding a ton of new cosmetics, including new weapon and armor skins. In addition, we have now introduced jet trails, voice packs, and sprays! Check out the details below.

Sprays are used by pressing Q as default. We have a lot of fun ones and some things like flags so you can represent your country with style! Equip both Sprays and Voice Packs in the “Voice & Spray” section of the Customize menu.

In general we want you to find all of the great skins we have through the chests and sales in the Store, but for now here’s a peek of a brand new Legendary skin coming soon that is using the Orange Pixel Jet Trail!

Loot Chests and Item Rarity

Basic and Gold Chests are now unlockable by progressing through the leveling system, participating in promotions, and events or other activities in the game. Each chest will award multiple cosmetics of varying rarities depending on their type.

  • Basic Chest: 2 cosmetic unlocks with a chance to get Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary rarity items
  • Gold Chest: 3 cosmetic unlocks with a 100% chance to get at least a Rare item and a much higher chance to get a Legendary item

Here’s how the rarity system breaks down:

  • Common: Cool cosmetics including sprays and weapon skins that you are most likely to get when opening Loot Chests
  • Uncommon: Even cooler sprays, weapon, and armor skins but they’re a bit more rare than Common cosmetics
  • Rare: Voice packs, jet trails, and higher quality weapon skins and armor skins
  • Legendary: Complete reworks of weapons and armors (will eventually contain some very impressive jet trails and voice packs)
The Item Store and Inventory on Steam

Now live this build is the Midair Item Store on Steam! We’ll be rotating skins in and out of the store so keep your eye on it to grab that skin you’ve always wanted or to see the latest content as we add it to the game. The item images themselves should be updated before release, but the best place to check out the appearance of your cosmetics is always in-game.


Anything you purchase, unlock, or earn will now be visible in your Steam Inventory page. This means you can take your progress with you wherever you log in to play Midair or check out new cosmetics you’ve earned or purchased. If you ever feel the need to buy cosmetics you see in your Loadout Screen, it’s easy to go straight to that page in the store. Note: Some of the item icons are currently in flux but will all be in on release. If you see any missing or wrong icons, please report them to us!

XP, Level, and Skill Point Overhaul

In preparation for release, we overhauled the XP, leveling, and skill point systems to be closer to the final version. Here are some of the major elements that have changed:

XP and Levels

We mentioned for a while that the level cap would be increasing beyond the first 50 levels we introduced originally. In 0.32.0 the level cap is now 200 (up from 50) with the gameplay-related unlocks maxing out at level 60. We’ve also changed the rate levels are earned by adjusting the XP needed. The result is that you will gain levels a bit faster, there are just more of them with more levels of rewards. Players are also now required to complete the two Tutorial missions before playing in a server. In addition, the Grenade Launcher and the Kinetic Pack with Boost are now the first two unlocks that are available to help players learn how to use the system and understand the importance of Packs.

Manaborn Game Pass (Formerly “Progression Pass”)

The Progression Pass is now called the Manaborn Game Pass! We’ve also changed how its function works to accommodate the new progression system and improve the user experience for purchasers of the pass. A button now exists at the top of your Unlocks screen that allows you to either Buy or Use the Game Pass depending on if you own it or not. When you use the pass, it will unlock all gameplay unlocks (this currently takes up to several seconds to visually show the change). You can now only use this ONE time and activating it will be permanent. You can also only use this while NOT in a server or the tutorials.

In addition, the Game Pass is now detached from the leveling system. This means if you use the Game Pass at level 1, you will stay at level 1 but will have all of the gameplay unlocks available. The reason for this change is to let players unlock all of the chests at the early levels along with everyone else. Previously this would start players at level 50 where it took longer to progress through each level. In the future we’ll have an indicator that shows when players in your game have used the progression pass so you can identify players will all of the unlocks.

Skill Points and Gameplay Unlocks

Gameplay unlocks now require different amounts of skill points to unlock depending on their type to better indicate their value to players and give more options when unlocking:

  • 3 Points: Weapons, Armors, Packs, and Vehicles
  • 2 Points: Throwable Items, Primary Augments, and most Deployables
  • 1 Point: Secondary Augments, and more niche Deployables
The Skills tree received a small visual pass and a quick re-arrangement for Engineer as well (read on for more details about Engineer changes).

Level Rewards

We’ve modified how skills work, so each level will grant between 0 and 2 skill points (mostly 1 and 2) to accommodate these changes. In addition, we’ve added Loot Chests that will be awarded every other level starting at level 4 (the first level after the tutorial). If a level awards you 0 skill points, this for sure means you’re getting a rare Gold Chest that level.

Scoring Overhaul

We’ve taken a pass at our scoring system to better reward players for their contributions in each gametype. The scoring changes are numerous and include a new HUD UI element (toggleable in the new settings menu Game tab) that informs you every time you do something of value.

Here are some of the highlights from the scoring changes, all of which are subject to change after we see how it feels (this is a long list). Score values have been increased quite a bit – before we were using single or double-digit values for scoring but we’ve added a couple digits to give us more fine-grained control over scoring.

  • Flag Captures are now 1500
  • NEW: Flag Grabs are now 25
  • Flag Returns are now 100
  • Player Damage that leads to a kill is between 10 and 90 points
  • Last Hits on a kill are worth 10 (stacks with player damage points)
  • Assists on a kill are worth 5 (stacks with player damage points)
  • Damaging the Flag Carrier when it leads to a kill is between 20 and 130 points
  • The killing blow on a Flag Carrier is 20 (stacks with player damage points)
  • An assist in killing the Flag Carrier is worth 10 (stacks with player damage points)
  • Destroying an Inventory Station is worth 75
  • Destroying a Base Sensor or Base Turret is worth 150
  • Destroying a Generator is worth 250
  • Destroying Deployable Inventory, Sensor, or Turret is worth 50
  • Damaging a vehicle that leads to a kill is worth between 10 and 90 points
  • Last Hits on a Vehicle are worth 10 (stacks with vehicle damage points)
  • Assists on a Vehicle are worth 5 (stacks with vehicle damage points)
  • Vehicle passengers killed because of your last hit are worth 50 each (stacks with Vehicle Last Hits/Assists and Vehicle Damage, but extra Player damage is NOT applied)
  • Vehicle passengers killed because of your assist are worth 20 each (stacks with Vehicle Last Hits/Assists and Vehicle Damage, but extra Player damage is NOT applied)
  • If you are piloting a vehicle and one of your gunners gets a kill, you will get 75 points
  • Enemies killed within a period of time after being sensed by you or your deployable sensors (aka “Sense Assists”) are worth 10
  • When teammates use deployable inventories you’ve deployed, you earn 20 points
  • Repairing assets is worth 10 per second
  • Damaging Teammates is worth -5 points every 25 HP
  • Teamkills are worth -20 (stacks with Team damage)
With all of these changes we’re hoping that more of the roles that are important in the game will get more time to shine and be rewarded for their efforts in roles outside of flag play and killing.

Engineer Rework

The Engineer has been reworked to add more variety to the role so players can choose more about the style of Engineer they want to play. We’ve added several augments as part of this rework, so let’s get into it.


The Engineer pack now has one fewer charge than before for each armor. This means the Light Armor now has 1 charge (was 2), Medium Armor has 2 charges (was 3), and the Heavy Armor now has 3 charges (was 4). This change was made to better balance the augments we’re introducing this patch and provide more decision-making to Engineers as they determine how to adjust their play styles and strategies.

Charge Regen (Primary – Passive)

The Charge Regen primary augment is largely staying the same, although you’ll see it’s less useful in all situations now as we get into more of the available augments.

+1 Charge (Primary – Passive)

Engineers can choose to have one extra charge to deploy more or additional types of deployables. If you want to deploy turrets in Light Armor or an inventory station in Medium Armor, you’ll need this augment. This augment is primary, so it’s competing with the Charge Regen. Do you choose versatility or in-field sustainability?

Charge Pickup (Secondary – Passive)

The first of the two secondary augments is Charge Pickup. Using this augment will give two Engineer charges every time the user picks up an ammo nugget from the ground.

Engineer Tool (Secondary – Passive/Active)

In this build we’re also introducing the Engineer Tool which is an Engineer-equippable Repair Tool. Currently this is an exact copy of the existing Repair Tool in the Repair Pack but it will soon be differentiated. Press your Pack button once to see your Engineer’s deployer menu, then press it again to pull out the Engineer Tool (or press the Engineer tool button in the menu).

Updated Visuals: Tank Projectile, Vehicle Pad, and Rabbit Flag Stand

We think these visual upgrades are pretty cool so here are a few screenshots of the new artwork!

New Tank Projectile Effects

New Vehicle Pad

New Rabbit Flag Stand

Go take a look in-game and let us know what you think!

New Loading Screen Functionality

As a quick note, we’ve added a new loading screen that you’ll need to click on to move through to the map. If you stay on that screen for too long the server will stop you from joining and require you connect again.
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