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Post »Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:41 pm

Build 0.27.2 Live

We’re heading into the 11th hour of Closed Beta launch prep and we’re super excited to introduce a bunch of brand new players to the world of Midair. In advance of hitting this important milestone, we’re releasing our final patch NOW before we launch! We’ll keep this log short and focus on the patch notes so we can get back to work with our final preparations.

See you all very soon!

Closed Beta Build 0.27.2 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes
Weapons no longer appear above the tank while in the tank cannon seat
Fixed evacuation messages being the same as death messages
Invisibility augment now applies to weapon clips
Skull and ghost death icons are now appropriately team colored
Fixed an issue that was causing vehicles to stutter while being piloted
Expanded the width of the Vote Change Map list to be able to read the entire list
Deployable inventories are no longer invulnerable with InvulnerableBaseAssetsBelowPlayerCount turned on in server settings
Improved issues with the loadout menu that were causing large FPS drops on all other menus

Art and Animations
Fixed Ring Launcher normals
1st person Mortar animations updated
Updated pack drop base mesh

NEW: Archetype Logo and UE4 Splash screen?
NEW: Ability to join on player and launch the game from your steam friends lists
NEW: Added server browser sorting options
Tank movement speed, boost speed, and health have been increased to make it a more viable option in the field
Passengers in vehicles can now view that vehicle’s health and energy
Heavies can no longer pilot vehicles, they will receive a chat notification if they attempt to pilot one – they may still buy vehicles and sit in bombardier and tailgunner seats of
the bomber
Base inventory and deployable inventory station IFFs can now be seen through walls and hills at a longer distance to be easier to locate for newer players [Trello Top User
Re-enabled the following “Show” commands after the blanket removal of all show commands last patch: DeferredLighting, DirectLighting, Decals, InstancedFoliage, Grain,
Adjusted Base Turret mechanics so it should not shoot at extremely long range targets that it will likely miss
Added invulnerability messages to perma-invulnerable assets
Turrets no longer shoot at invulnerable assets
Wall repair pack IFFs are now visible through walls and hills at a longer distance to be easier to locate for newer players [Trello Top User Issues]
NEW: Added new default loadouts for all game modes to assist new players in discovering useful loadouts (to check them out, delete everything in your Midair/Saved
/SavedGames folder)
Decreased Engineer/Charge regen speed to limit turret farm spam
Updated a loading screen tip that had an out of date default keybind

Expanded the current voice chat system [Trello Top User Issues]

AR-SnowArena prototype map added for more wide-spread testing
AR-ReactorCore prototype map added for more wide-spread testing
Fixed broken textures on the mana cracks on Verdant
Added loading screens to all Tenebris variants, SnowArena, and ReactorCore
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Post »Sat Aug 26, 2017 3:17 am - you can now buy MIDAIR to play!
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Post »Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:34 pm

NEW: Instead if the annoyingly sweet and smooth "billiard ball goes in the pocket and gets launched" animation for the mortar, we have decided that people will prefer a mortar model that takes up 3/4 of your screen and for an animation we will have an epileptic seizure combined with the sweet sound of stretching rubber! better huh?

oh, and who the hell needs to say sorry to team mates! its for the enemy!!!!
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