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Post » Tue May 02, 2017 12:14 pm

Build 0.24.0

Alpha 0.24.0 Patch Notes



NEW: Added Arena Gametype
Engineer Pack Update to add charge-based system
NEW: Added Motion Sensors


Vehicle networking improvements to make vehicles feel better in low ping situations – still a work in progress
Tank Work, Siege Mode Rework, HUD Elements (Siege mode, tank cannon reload bar, enter vehicle text helper)
Repair Pack is now it is no longer in the default loadout for CTF [Top User Issue]
Hand grenade rebalance including adding a delay between grenades to prevent spamming [Top User Issue]
Passive Reload bug fixes + UI improvements [Top User Issue]
Mortar and hand grenade no longer instantly explode when hitting players [Top User Issue]
LCTF and CTF spawning is now more random – this was due to Rabbit code being applied across gametypes [Top User Issue]
Decreased camera shake when getting hit by turret fire
Various changes to maps including Exhumed and Sunset Cove
Added more mine related sound effects
Body blocking should now stop people more reliably [Top User Issue] – bouncing fix in another build
Reduced deployable turret durability
Rebalanced indoor/outdoor turret projectiles to differentiate the two a bit more
Various audio improvements

Packs and Augments

Aegis/Persistence – Lowered shield efficiency
Kinetic/Blink – Decreased cooldown, decreased energy cost
Arsenal/Resupply – Decreased cooldown
Repair Pack – Small balance tweaks


Kryosis Art and Sound Overhaul
Added 5 new maps:
Authority (AR, CTF)
Research (AR)
Autumnal (AR)
Cluster Rail (AR, LCTF)
Aquarena (AR)

Bug Fixes

Voice binds no longer interrupt player input
Voice levels in the sound settings menu work correctly now
HOTFIX: Revert change to hand grenade fuze
HOTFIX: Reduce deployable sensor durability
HOTFIX: Stability/crashing issue fixes

Build Cycle and Dev Log Timing Update

One quick note for the community before we jump into the build preview. As we move closer and closer to release, we’re evaluating how we can ensure higher quality builds while still delivering on our feature roadmap. In order to accomplish this, we are moving to a 5-week build cycle in order to ensure higher quality releases going forward. We’ll post a new dev log during the launch of each build and roughly week 2 or week 3 of the build cycle.
Nasty Hobbit
bittah, jaded, anti social freak
bittah, jaded, anti social freak
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Post » Tue May 02, 2017 9:10 pm

That pic reminds me of the vehicle area in Scarabrae from T1. Many a shitfight in there :)

Is that map similar in size to scarab ?
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Post » Wed May 03, 2017 5:28 am

it's one of the vpad exits on iratus
most maps are about as big as scarbarae in size. maybe entry level medium?

also a recent stream showed some loadout menu's being worked on
Nasty Hobbit
bittah, jaded, anti social freak
bittah, jaded, anti social freak
Posts: 9676
Joined: Mon Jun 24, 2002 11:44 pm