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Post » Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:54 pm

Oh hey that idea about the probe and the black hole well we can't do that any more because of some reason so I will have to conveniently detach and go in as a person, because that's far more tense.
From my understanding the reasoning behind that was
Spoiler: Show
they had to use the thrust from the attached ships to get the station into the right trajectory and then they had to shed the (now dead) weight of those ships to get a bit more thrust and properly slingshot around whatever they were slingshotting around. Each ship had a robot / human in it to actually control the thrust and then detach from the station, which I assume couldn't be done from outside the ship.
Am I wrong?
Oh you have to die on this planet because of some reason I dunno I guess its your turn, even though you keep shifting backward and forward instead of running back and avoiding the big wave of death.
Agreed that was ridiculous. Though those robots turned out to be much more mobile than I expected. Pretty cool idea.
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