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Post » Mon May 12, 2014 12:27 pm

[Movie] Aberdeen (2014)

Hadn't heard anything really about this, but was at a loose end over the weekend and thought I'd check it out.

- Rather culturally terrifying look into the lives of a small Hong Kong family following the death of the family Matriarch

- Dong is the family Patriarch, a retired fisherman who has now become a Taoist priest and acts a guide to help spirits move on after death
- He has also since moved on and started seeing Ta, a "nightclub owner" who is quite a few years younger than him
- Wai-ching is Dong's daughter, a tour guide at a museum who is plagued by the belief her (now deceased) Mother hated her, and unaware her Doctor husband Yau Kin-cheung is having an affair with a much younger nurse
- Wai-tao is Dong's son, a teacher who believes that being beautiful is critical to being successful, and doesn't approve of his fathers new relationship
- Married to Cici, a model who (in her late 30s) is now starting to feel old in comparison to the other models around her, and has to choose how much of her dignity to maintain to keep the roles / money coming in
- Chloe is their daughter, nicknamed "Piggy" by Wai-tao because she isn't very pretty, and is therefore the subject of much speculation as to whether she is actually his child as a result
- Not sure if it has a bit of satire in there? If not then damn... it's a pretty harsh environment to live in

- Interesting look into the different goals, lifestyle and language used in this family, especially when the characters so matter-of-factly rip each other to shreds in conversations
- Tries it's best to highlight the differences between Western vs Eastern ideologies
- Had me thinking "wtf, I'd never expect that of my kids" especially towards the end
Spoiler: Show
when Wai-tao seems to have accepted that Chloe is who she is and has torn up the results of a DNA test, and Cici wants to confront her husband because she herself was rather ugly as a child so therefore feels angered when he calls Chloe ugly / doesn't think she looks like her, but then backs down when he instead suggests that plastic surgery would be a good option to help Chloe succeed :|
- Found it rather hard to care when any of the characters felt sad though... probably a cultural thing but the emotions being shown just looked so forced
- Dream sequences were nicely shot, but rather odd at the same time

3 KFC buckets out of 5, worth looking into if you want to feel slightly better about how you treat your kids / family... hopefully...
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bittah, jaded, anti social freak
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Post » Mon May 12, 2014 1:55 pm

Have never heard of this, will definitely check it out. Am a big fan of eastern movies - particularly current day dramas that have a cultural focus.
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