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Post » Mon May 05, 2014 2:01 pm

[Movie] The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Saw this a couple of weeks ago.

A rip-roaring romp (*) to save a hotel from a bunch of money-grubbing family descendants, with an art heist / prison break thrown in for good measure

- Begins in the present day following The Author of the best selling book "The Grand Budapest Hotel" who is reminiscing on his past experiences at the hotel (which is now becoming rather delapidated)
- Story goes back in time to The Author as a younger man sitting down to dinner with the "owner" of the hotel, Zero Goustava, to find out more about it's history and how it came to be "owned" by him
- Story goes back in time again to when Zero was just starting as a bellboy under the tutelage of Gustave, and the subsequent adventures they both have
- Jumps between the various timelines accordingly

- Not gut-bustingly hilarious, but did have some funny moments to it
- Gustave and Zero share good chemistry onscreen, no homo
- Art style / sets used added nicely to the atmosphere

- Has some rather rushed / odd jumps between the different timelines that gets unnecessarily confused at times
- * Some of the jargon in the same vein as this gets rather thesp at times which was a little nauseating

4 KFC buckets out of 5.
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bittah, jaded, anti social freak
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Post » Mon May 05, 2014 2:23 pm

Now this was one I planned to review also. Was a bloody good movie, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Some of his movies have been a bit hit or miss in the past I've thought - like Moonlight Kingdom - it was good, in a quirky kind of way, but maybe a little too out there. The Life Aquatic was another example. I havn't seen the Fantastic Mr Fox, which is supposedly great.

One of the things i love about his movies, is the way he makes every scene look like it's on stage - like an actual set - always perfectly straight on. Was also hoping to see more of Bill Murray in this, but that main character, the Dandy, was brilliant IMO.
bittah, jaded, anti social freak
bittah, jaded, anti social freak
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