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Post » Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:27 pm

[Game] Payday 2 (2013)

I'm no reviewer or wordsmith so I’ll just shoot straight. I will also compare Payday 2 to Payday 1.

Payday 2 is a game about stealing and cooking drugs, robbing banks and besting corrupt politicians. Sounds like a bit of fun? It is. It is one of the most team focused games this year as you can probably guess public games can be very hit or miss. My personal experience has been mostly horrific with the occasional good game It is much better with friends or online acquaintances.

The gameplay is similar to Payday 1; infiltrating or ‘casing the joint’, blowing some **** up (optional in 2), shooting some dudes (optional in 2), collecting loot and escaping. Most missions or ‘heists’ in Payday 2 have you set up a device and guard it to get into a room or vault, transporting bags of drugs, money or gold to your awaiting chariot to flee the scene.

Gold is heavier than money, which in turn is heavier than drugs, and you move slower the heavier the item you are carrying, so strategies around these mechanics naturally arise.

You can level up into perks to make you move faster with loot, increasing interaction speed, and interestingly, ‘stockholm syndrome’ allows for civilians or other hostages to revive you if you are shot at and killed. I chose the stealth tree to find I needed to borrow from other trees to be effective at maximising stealth. Currently, some heists are easier to do by just running in guns blazing, using explosives to blow open the safe, grabbing the loot and fleeing, and there are even achievements which encourage this. Other heists however require upwards of 10 minutes of reconnaissance or ‘casing the place’,stealthily following guards and picking them off (killing them), answering their pagers unseen (everything is fine, how are you?) and stuffing their bodies into bags (Where did you get those overnight bags, Patrick Bateman?), ensuring the crime scene stays inconspicuous.It is very challenging to move unnoticed as you need to wear no body armour and carry small guns so naturally, if things go wrong and cops arrive you will be torn asunder quite quickly.

The enemies themselves are slightly more varied compared to Payday 1, and there are base level cops, the boys in blue who show up soon after the alarm is sounded. After you brutally murder them, the first level of SWAT start abseiling down buildings, slightly tougher than regular cops yet they still go down rather easily. After a few waves of SWAT have probed your defences you will start noticing tougher SWAT, these guys while not incredibly tough can take a few bullets to go down so it's around this point you realise it is getting serious.

Once you’ve gunned down a few hundred police the FBI start showing up, there are two variants of FBI Greens and Tans as I call them. Greens have a lot of hp but are still manageable, Tans however are a lot more challenging. Tans are covered head to toe in body armour except for their back and rear, so I guess you know how to kill them, shoot them in the head or get them to expose their back, TEAMWORK! Spattered throughout the onslaught you will notice what looks like civilians brandishing pistols accompanied by guys in body armour and balaclavas, these are HRTs (Hostage Rescue Teams). Hostages actually play a huge role in the difficulty curve you impose on yourself, the more hostages you have and the less police you kill, the less severe and frequent police assaults will be. It is in your best interest to cuff everyone and let the police yell at you for as long as they are willing. While all these cops are gallivanting about shooting you, specials will appear randomly, uninterestingly the same as Payday 1. Shields are back except this time there are two variants, the SWAT shield which is essentially the same one from the first game. Then you have the FBI shield, these guys have lights on the front of their shields which are bright as the sun and suck, they will either have a pistol or an SMG. Pray for a pistol. Then you have the tasers. These pricks will stun the **** out of you causing you to fire your gun off randomly and stand there being shot to **** by their buddies, if you manage to land a shot on the taser they will stop stunning you or, you can actually get a perk that allows you to pull the barbs out of yourself and shock the user. They will always come in pairs and are fairly weak, however recently had a health buff, so stay on your toes. Bulldozers are one of the most challenging. They run around with shotguns in EOD suits so GG if you get caught alone, one shot will remove all your armour the second will drop you. Only way to deal with them is focus fire and hope their pathing breaks before they charge into your group and insert their shotguns into you. Now those of you that played Payday 1 will be asking what about cloakers? They were allegadly in the game until the first update, I believe I saw one stuck in a vent during a heist but that is all I have seen, Overkill have gone on the record saying they were pulled from the game because they were not performing as expected and they are working on them. For those of you who did not play the first game, these are basically enemies with a serious hard on for Sam Fischer wearing the same glowing green goggles, and will find you and run you down, stun you with a cattle prod or instantly cuff you essentially downing you, nasty pricks.

Of course; if you decide to forget about stealth and go in guns blazing, you may be asking how the shooting actually ‘feels’. It is extremely good; the gunplay is very satisfying with weapons actually feeling and behaving differently and having the mods on them further effecting their individuality. Recoil is a fearsome beast at the beginning but once tamed with mods or different weapons it is satisfying to hit a guy in the head and see his helmet comically spiral through the air. Chunky stocks improve accuracy but they make you move slower and be more noticeable so you will be detected even if you haven't put your mask on . Suppressors while making your gunshots quieter they still make noise and are fairly large so you will be seen easier with them, they also cut the damage of the gun by a fair amount, a fair trade off for not alerting the whole map in my opinion.

Payday 1 had a huge grind for levels which was made significantly easier by challenges you could complete. Unfortunately there is no such alleviation in Payday 2. I am currently level 91 which has taken me almost 60 hours to get to and to get to 92 I need 615k EXP. Excluding 1 heist the max EXP I can get on a max difficulty heist ranges from 21k - 70k EXP, with only ONE heist in the game giving 156k EXP for completion. So the grind is substantial. How fun is the grind? Well it is a grind and Payday 2 does have more heists than 1 but, still nowhere near as many as were promised. 18 were promised and we have 8 or 9 if my mathematics are correct. Overkill have stated they will be implementing more heists as well as paid DLC heists. This is concerning, however Overkill are far from the worst developers out there (Looking at you, EA) so I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt at this point, and hopefully we shall see more heists in the near future.

Overall I am enjoying the game solely for the challenge and the heavy reliance on teamwork, no one person can do everything at max efficiency so you need to liaise with your teammates and DEPEND on them. So naturally some asshats are out there solely to ruin others experiences, and causes public play to be very hit or miss.

⅗ Stars, ⅘ if the developers stay true to their word and implement more heists.

Shameless self promotion. Here is a video of one of the more talked about heists from the beta, it has you cook meth, sell the meth to a street gang then wipe out a rival cartel with the intelligence you ultimately buy.

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Post » Sat Aug 24, 2013 2:14 am

Ive put in a good 30hrs or so, only about lvl 50ish tho

Its almost impossible to get pubbies and even my irl friends on mumble to just keep their heads down and wait for the cops to get restless and come inside where except for bulldozers and shielders, you can just melee/make every shot count and then pick up the ammo drops....still havnt done a perfect projob overkill rats run due to this, always get up to 5-6 bags and they end up being down to their secondary against 2 dozers
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Post » Sat Aug 24, 2013 10:37 am

You're doing provokill rats wrong.

On the first day, you blow up the meth lab.
On the second day, you shoot a gangster then chill for a minuet before searching for the burned intel before running back to the van.
On the third day, you sprint up the bridge, hose down the bus, then run back to the chopper.

100k+ XP and a couple of hundred grand for five minuets or so of work.
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Post » Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:49 am

Depending on the complexity of the choreography, a minuet can be quite physically demanding.
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