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Post » Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:48 pm

Bill Watterson Draws Again

Being that many of us are not of the TA generation, we are all probably fans of Calvin and Hobbes. Well, it's just been revealed that Watterson did 3 panels in secret for Pearls before Swine.

Stephan Pastis who draws and writes Pearls before Swine first did this strip which earned him an email from ol' Bill: https://stephanpastis.files.wordpress.c ... 140411.gif

They then entered into an agreement where Bill did these three strips: ... 5RNLmPaOwZ ... 5RNLmPaOwZ ... 5RNL2PaOwZ

Definitely seeing the Watterson in those panels. He's got such a distinct style, both in his drawings (obviously heavily Peanuts-inspired) and his writing.

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